We inform, we discover and
we surprise...
a journey through new worlds

Our philosophy

In DOSDE we think that the best way to find out about new things is through inspiring and surprising experiences. That is why with each product we make, we make every effort to present it in the most attractive way so you discover fascinating things and get the most out of your experiences. We are passionate about learning new things and we want to share this with you.

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Our values

Over the years we have established a set of values that define who we are and they are the reflection of how we see the world. In the end it all comes down to being consistent and true to oneself.


We are nonconformists, we like to push ourselves every day. It is the only way we have found to make quality products.


We are rigorous but not remote. We are close to our customers in order to understand their needs and solve their problems.


Challenges motivate us. We are passionate about knowledge and dissemination, we enjoy discovering new worlds constantly.

The environment

We are responsible, we can not grow if we do not take care of our environment and for that reason we use products that respect our planet.


Our numbers

+ 1.800.000

Books sold

+ 2.900.000

Readers around the world

+ 400.000

Pages designed

+ 800.000

Photographs taken

+ 170.000

Cups of coffee drunk


Dedication and exactitude


Our team

DOSDE is made up of the best professionals in the publishing, digital, photographic, journalistic, audiovisual, design, art, architecture and history fields. All of them plough every effort, dedication and passion into creating innovative and great quality products.


Dosde. Vilamari 50, 4º Bº - 08015 - Barcelona - (+34) 93 494 8396 - pedidos@dosde.com