Biography books

What you'll find in these books

The biographies of the most important artists and architects of history are marked by all type of decisive experiences, as well as for their relationship with the political, social and cultural context of the period in which these people lived.


Finding out about the personal evolution of the great figures of the art and architecture world allows to delve into the origins of their creative processes and the meaning and symbolism of their most emblematic works. For this reason artist biographies have converted into one of the best tools to get closer to these exceptional figures.


These biographies explore the lives of geniuses who surpassed all the limits of their time, such as Antoni Gaudí and Pablo Picasso. Within their pages, you will be able to get to know all the details related to these unrepeatable artists, from their family background to their professional triumphs.


Both the Gaudí biography and the Picasso biography constitute a faithful and rigorous reflection of the careers of these two geniuses, admired throughout the world for their unlimited creativity. The biographical books on artists of Dosde Publishing will provide you with a closer look at the lives of these geniuses. Discover the biographies of the most fascinating artists with Dosde Publishing.