The Illustrated Biography of Antoni Gaudí

The Illustrated Biography of Antoni Gaudí

  • It contains more than 150 historical images of Gaudí's personal and professional life
  • It includes illustrations, information about the period and original sketches of his creations
  • An incredible photographic account with never-seen-before historical pictures

About the book

Considered as one of the most influential architects in history, Antoni Gaudí was both a controversial and enigmatic figure. Architect of universal works such as the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Casa Batlló and La Pedrera, the Catalan architect experienced all kinds of situations during his life that influenced his personal development.

Born into a modest family of craftsmen, Gaudí ended up converting into one of the great references of modernist architecture thanks to his strong personality. His perseverence not only meant he could overcome the technical limitations of the time and develop his own personal style, but also allowed him to face adversities such as illness, heartbreak or the death of loved ones.

This biography on Antoni Gaudí unveils the most important episodes in the architect's personal life and professional career. Within its pages the reader will be able to discover the success, the misfortunes and the secrets of an often misunderstood character, blessed with an incredible imagination and abundant creativity.

Book Details

How is this book different to others?
This book is the first illustrated biography of Gaudí that exists on the market. Following an enormous task of photo documentation, carried out over a time span of more than a year, the result is one of the most complete biographies on Gaudí's work, both from an informative and visual point of view, which covers the life of the brilliant architect in great detail.

Who is the book for?
This Illustrated Biography of Antoni Gaudí is aimed at people interested in finding about the life of this internationally recognised genius. Due to its didactic character and photographic documentation work, it is a book suitable not only for experts but for those who have never read about the architect's life before.

What's inside the book?
Compared to other biographies on Gaudí, this book stands out for being a complete testimony of Gaudí's life, exploring both his personal and professional life. In chronological order, the book carried out a detailed analysis of his life, his career, his architectonic style and the works that converted him into an internationally recognised architect.

What's this book like?
This book has been published in a handy paperback size, in order that the reader can take it on their visits and enjoy reading it where they wish. The paper used to manufacture the book has been accredited with the PEFC certification, which guarantees sustainable forest management and respect for the environment.

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