Park Güell

A garden city planned as a utopian work of art

Park Güell

  • The book gives the reader a complete tour of all the nooks and crannies of Park Güell, one of Antoni Gaudí's most important projects
  • It gathers more than 280 photos of the most characteristic corners of this garden city considered a work of art
  • By means of 3D illustrations and a large volume of information, the reader will be able to find out all the details about Gaudí's creation

About the book

This book on Park Güell in Barcelona explores the genesis and the building process of this modernist masterpiece, in which Gaudí demonstrated all his creative maturity and indepth technical knowledge, transforming it into one of the most influential artistic works of the twentieth century.

This book published by Dosde gathers together more than 280 photos of Park Güell that show the most characteristic areas in this garden-city. Likewise, it includes infographs and exclusive 3D illustrations that show all the architectonic particularities of the different spaces that make up this exceptional arrangement, which has turned into one one of the most internationally well known icons of the city of Barcelona.

Organised into eight chapters, this book provides fascinating information about the historical context of Park Güell as well as the significance of its most emblematic elements. It delves into all the aspects of Antoni Gaudí's most utopian work, a project rich in symbolism in which the ingenious architect left proof of his main obsessions. It is an exceptional graphical testimony of one of the great landmarks in the history of architecture, which is complimented by other books on Gaudí and books on Barcelona published by Dosde.


  • Guillermo Quadrio (Argentina)

    Guillermo Quadrio (Argentina)

    Good book!

    A very complete work on the park. Totally recommendable.

  • Marietta Kontogianni (Greece)

    Marietta Kontogianni (Greece)

    High quality

    The content is of a high quality. It was small and easy to carry in my handbag. I like the square shape books.

  • Anna Buson (Italy)

    Anna Buson (Italy)

    Lovely book

    The illustrations are very well done and I loved the photos.

  • Sylvain Louvet (France)

    Sylvain Louvet (France)

    Good book

    The quality of the content caught my eye.

  • John Hay (Australia)

    John Hay (Australia)

    Good book, iI liked it

    The content is of a high quality and the subject is discussed in detail

  • Milly Nik (Greece)

    Milly Nik (Greece)

    Nice book

    The front cover caught my attention. The subject is discussed in detail.

  • Koen Delen (Holland)

    Koen Delen (Holland)

    Very good purchase!

    The book fulfilled my expectations and it was worth purchasing. The illustrations, photos and infographics are very good.

  • Verónica Botta

    Verónica Botta

    Excellent book

    They are very detailed, visual and easy to understand for all publics. Excellent, thank you!!

  • Pilar Blanco (Spain)

    Pilar Blanco (Spain)


    High quality visual and written information. I liked it!

Book Details

How is this book different to others?

The book “Park Güell” contains an abundant number of photographs and 3D illustrations that bring the reader closer to the work, in a didactic, entertaining and very visual way.

Who is this book for?

This work on Park Güell” is essential for those who want to get to know Antoni Gaudí's work, one of the most important works in Barcelona designed by the architect.

What's inside the book?

A beautifully produced book that includes numerous facts, pieces of information, drawings and 3D illustrations, which make it one of the most complete books that have been published to date on Antoni Gaudí's Park Güell.

What's the book like?

This book is handy and practical, great to take on any trip. Because of its plentiful information it can be continually consulted. It is made with PEFC accredited paper, which guarantees sustainable forest management and respect for the environment.

Additional Information

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