A different publishing house!

Dosde known as Dos de Arte Ediciones up until the beginning of 2017 is a publishing house that is specialised in books on art, architecture, cities and historical monuments and places to visit. Based in Barcelona we are leaders in the visitor and cultural tourism market in Spain. Dosde's books unveil world-renowned emblematic monuments, places and artists in a comprehensive and passionate way. They are also perfect as gift books. Our books on art and architecture delve into themes such as the Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, Casa Batlló, Park Güell, the Alhambra of Granada or the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, and cover artists and architects such as Picasso, Dalí, Miró, Gaudí, or Gehry. The books published by Dosde stand out for the incredibly high quality photographs, the close analysis of each work, the illustrations, the 3D recreations and the large volume of information. They are the most comprehensive and engaging art and architecture books on the market, which will allow you to discover the most emblematic monuments of Barcelona and the major icons of Spain as you have never seen before. Our books are not just limited to art and architecture, but also cultural tourism and for this reason we have launched the Sport Series, which unveils the history and secrets of the most emblematic sports institutions in the world. The first book in the series, devoted to FC Barcelona, provides detailed information about its history and football feats. Dosde's book range covers different themes with series such as: Art Series, Architecture Series, City Series, Biography Series and Sport Series.