An avant-garde city


  • A large format deluxe edition that goes on a complete tour of the city of Barcelona by means of excellent photographs
  • More than 220 photographs, illustrations and 3D recreations of emblematic buildings, carried out exclusively for this book
  • The book includes an abundance of information, interesting facts and historical background in order to get to know the Catalan capital better

About the book

Distinguished for its cosmopolitan and avant-garde character, Barcelona has hosted throughout its long history major social and cultural events that have contributed decisively in making the city one of the most important capitals of the Mediterranean.

The melting pot of renowned artists, writers, intellectuals and architects, Barcelona boasts a cultural heritage that is both immense and valuable, fruit of the influence of the different stylistic trends that have emerged in the city since its foundation, in the period of the Roman Empire.

This deluxe edition book published by Dosde explores the main sites and monuments of Barcelona whilst analysing the history, traditions and the recent changes of a constantly evolving city, admired all around the world for its creativity and dynamism.


  • Ronald Walker (USA)

    Ronald Walker (USA)

    Good book

    As I recall, the photography and graphics were good. The text, as I recall, was good as far as it went. More would have been welcome.

  • Murielle Rannou (France)

    Murielle Rannou (France)


    Great information, great photographs. A very complete book. I use it for my teaching work.

  • Bob Ryan (USA)

    Bob Ryan (USA)

    High quality product

    It appears you have a quality product. I've visited Barcelona and hope to again and revisit as well as see more of Antoni Gaudi's works.

  • Claudia Ruiz (Mexico)

    Claudia Ruiz (Mexico)


    Really good photographs. A great book for getting to know Barcelona and well worth buying.

  • Srdjan Pavlovic (Yugoslavia)

    Srdjan Pavlovic (Yugoslavia)

    Really good book!!

    The illustrations and infographics are very good. Very nice book, fully recommended.

Book Details

How is this book different to others?

The book Barcelona, Deluxe Edition offers a large amount of photographs, information and facts, which provide a complete tour of the city. It is one of the most complete books published to date on the city of Barcelona.

Who is the book for?

It's an absolute must for those who love Barcelona and who want to get to know the city better or be informed before going on a visit there. It is also an interesting publication for those living in Barcelona who want to find out more about the beautiful city in which they live.

What's inside the book?

This book about Barcelona forms part of the City Series and has been published in the Deluxe Edition. A luxurious book that stands out for the excellent quality, large-sized photographs, as well as the generous amount of information that it contains.

What's the book like?

This book about Barcelona has been published in a deluxe, large-sized format in order that the reader can fully appreciate the quality of its numerous photographs. It is produced using PEFC accredited paper, which guarantees sustainable forest management and respect for the environment.

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