Art Books

What you'll find in these books

Art is considered one of the highest manifestations of human activity. Through its use, people can express in a plastic way their particular vision of the world as well as reflect their deepest thoughts and feelings.


Throughout the centuries, artists have been developing new tools and aesthetic resources to project their ideas, leading to the appearance of a large variety of movements. Each historical period has boasted its own artistic trends, from the Middle Ages, when the Romanesque and Gothic appeared, to the 20th century, inseparable from avant-garde movements such as Cubism and Abstract Art. At present, Contemporary Art continues to be in constant evolution, combining all variety of ideas and influences to expand its horizons.


These essential art books published by Dosde Publishing allow a greater understanding of some of the most important movements and artists in history. By means of books on painters such as Picasso, Dalí and Miró you will be able to get to know the characteristics of Cubism, Surrealism and Expressionism, amongst other trends that have marked the direction of contemporary art. Likewise, the books on modernist art show in both a thorough and original way Modernisme, a style distinguished for its beauty and sensuality.


These books will interest both those who want to buy art books as gifts as well as those who want to explore the work of the great geniuses of painting. Get closer to a unique artistic universe with Dosde Publishing.