Cine De Dedo, Pablo Picasso

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon

Cine De Dedo, Pablo Picasso

  • This flipbook reveals the enigmatic and dream-like world of Salvador Dalí, by means of one of his most popular works, The Persistence of Memory
  • This small book generates an optical illusion of movement when its pages are rapidly flicked through
  • A special item for collectors and admirers of Dalí's work who seek an original book on the artist

About the book

This small book offers a surprising animated story focused on Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, the work with which Picasso inaugurated the Cubist Period. By flicking through its pages, an optical illusion is generated that creates a sensation of movement, like a mini-motion picture.

With this flipbook, the reader will get a close-up, original and entertaining look at Picasso's revolutionary painting, a unique artist that forever changed the history of painting.

Book Details

What is a flipbook?
Also known as Cine de Dedo or folioscopes, the flipbook is a small book that is based on the optical principle of cinema to create the illusion of continuous movement. Things  "move" thanks to a series of images with slight variations between them.  When the flipbook's pages are rapidly turned, then a clever film-like effect is created.

Who is it for?
You, the flipbook reader make the book come to life by flicking rapidly through its pages.

Additional Information

  • Additional Information
  • Weight (g): 60
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Size (cm): 5 x 10
  • Author: Dosde Publishing
  • Pages: 144
  • Edition: Flipbook Edition
  • language
  • Spanish
  • Spanish + English
  • Spanish + English + French
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  • isbn
  • 978-84-96245-14-3
  • 978-84-96245-14-3
  • 978-84-96245-14-3
  • 978-84-96245-14-3
  • 978-84-96245-14-3
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