Architecture Books

What you'll find in these books

Architecture has been present in the lives of human beings from the very beginning of time. Associated with a residential function, with the passing of time it has taken on a large variety of uses, until converting into a faithful reflection of the society it represents.


The visible testimony of a long drawn out history, Spanish architecture stands out as one of the richest in the world. In the Iberian Peninsula all kinds of constructions can be found: from megalithic sites to the most original buildings of contemporary architecture, including temples from Roman times, Muslim fortresses, romanesque cathedrals, baroque palaces and modernist houses.


The importance of Spanish architecture is boosted even further by the priceless legacy of some of the most influential figures of architecture, such as Antoni Gaudí, considered one of the maximum exponents of Modernisme, a movement that completely transformed the architecture of Barcelona.


These books on architecture will bring you closer to some of the most fascinating works in history. Once immersed in their pages, you will discover Spain's universally admired architectonic heritage. Owing to their careful design and comprehensive information, they are essential architecture books both for experts and laymen alike. Discover the great landmarks of architecture with Dosde Publishing.