Tilework in the Alhambra of Granada

Tilework in the Alhambra of Granada

  • An original book that discovers the beauty of ceramic and Nasrid tiles
  • The book includes a complete selection of photographs and illustrations
  • It includes more than 140 photographs and illustrations to explore

About the book

This book devoted to the tiles of the Alhambra shows the complexity and beauty of Nasrid decorative art. The Alhambra's walls boast some of the most valuable tilework in history, and this book is a compilation of photographs, drawings and diagrams that explore in a detailed way the manufacturing process of Granadian ceramic work.

Structured around different chapters, the book explores each one of the spaces inside the Alhambra of Granada, amongst which include the Mexuar, the Comares Palace, the baths, the Lion Palace –where the Court of the Lions is–, the towers and the Partal. Likewise the initial chapter introduces the origins of the art of tilework, analysing the different techniques and geometrical principles that Nasrid craftsmen used in order to carry out their compositions.

This book published by Dosde gathers together the different tile patterns of the Alhambra by means of more than 250 high quality and informative pictures. The photos included in this book are unique and exclusive, carried out exclusively for this magnificent and didactic book. It is one of our Alhambra of Granada books that would interest all art and architecture lovers, as well as all those that would like to have an excellent souvenir of the Nasrid monument and the fascinating world of Andalusian tilework.

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