The Alhambra of Granada

The art of architecture

The Alhambra of Granada

  • A photographic book with more than 180 great quality pictures to get to know every corner of the monumental site of the Alhambra of Granada
  • It includes explanatory texts which inform the reader about details concerning the construction and the predominant styles in the Alhambra
  • Published in a small and handy format, it is a book that is great to have at hand when visiting the site

About the book

Designed in the 13th century to hold the court of the Nasrid Dynasty, the Alhambra of Granada is the only palatine city from the Islamic period that has remained practically intact until this day. Likewise, this unique site, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, constitutes the main testimony of Muslim presence on the Iberian Peninsula.

The epicentre of military and political power of the Kingdom of Granada, the Alhambra incorporated thoughout the centuries numerous palaces, gardens and defense elements to satisfy the necessities of successive residents. By doing so, the palatine city ended up converting into one of the most striking ensembles of the time, a reflection of the economic and cultural prosperity that the Nasrid Dynasty attained during the Middle Ages.

This photographic published by Dosde book covers in a visual way the various spaces that make up the Alhambra of Granada, at the same time as it provides complete information about the origins and the symbolic significance of elements such as the Court of the Lions, the Gate of Justice and the Alcazaba, icons of one of the zeniths in the history of Islamic architecture.


  • Lucas Oorschot (Estonia)

    Lucas Oorschot (Estonia)


    I loved the book, thank you.

  • Giuseppe Cucchi (Italy)

    Giuseppe Cucchi (Italy)

    A must read book

    I loved the photos and all the information in the book. I fully recommend it to get to know the Alhambra better.

Book Details

How is this book different to others?
This book on Alhambra of Granada stands out for its detailed theoretical and artistic analysis of this architectonic icon. It includes 3D illustrations that show off the structure of the building to perfection as well as the different parts that make it up.

Who is the book for?
This book on Alhambra of Granada is aimed at a very diverse public, from art and architecture enthusiasts to teachers and professionals in the sector. It is also aimed at people that appreciate photography, given the quality of the pictures included in the book.

What's inside the book?
This book forms part of the Architectural Series and has been published in Pocket Edition, a very handy and practical format that can be taken on your travels. Thanks to more than 160 photographs the reader can enjoy a detailed analysis of the Alhambra of Granada.

What's this book like?
This book has been published in a handy paperback size, in order that the reader can take it on their visits and enjoy reading it where they wish. The paper used to manufacture the book has been accredited with the PEFC certification, which guarantees sustainable forest management and respect for the environment.

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