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Converted into an icon of modernity, Pablo Picasso  is today considered one of the most influential artists in history. Endowed with an insatiable curiosity, the painter surpassed all the cultural conventions of his time, establishing the direction of the plastic arts through new forms of expression such as Cubism. Added to his capacity for creative innovation, Picasso had a magnetic personality, which led him to become a celebrity admired throughout the world.

Pablo Picasso already demonstrated his talent at the beginning of his artistic career. Picasso's works carried out in this period show that the painter was able to quickly assimilate the techniques of the great masters and experienced a progressive evolution towards a more personal style, influenced in part by Modernism and Impressionism.

Contact with the bohemian scene led Picasso into the so-called Blue Period, distinguished by the use of cold colours and melancholic characters. Later, the works of Pablo Picasso evolved towards the Rose Period and, after an artistic crisis, the painter began a series of plastic experiments that led to the creation of Les Demoiselles d'Avignon and the beginning of Cubism, a style that was a turning point in the history of art.

When he obtained the favour of the critics and the public, the author of Guernica continued to demonstrate his eagerness to excel. Picasso's paintings show a constant evolution of style until the end of his days, incorporating into his work resources typical of Classicism, Surrealism and Expressionism. At the same time, Picasso alternated painting with sculpture, engraving, ceramics, theatre and poetry, among other disciplines that allowed him to channel his revolutionary ideas.

Parallel to his creative activity, Picasso's life was as intense as it was exciting, marked by the complex relationships he maintained with his family an dhis circle of friends and by his involvement in some of the most momentous historical episodes of the twentieth century, such as the Second World War. These experiences were reflected in many of Picasso's paintings, key tools to understand the personality of a one-off artist.

Books on Picasso to find out about an absolute genius

With these books on Picasso you will be able to find out all about this artistic genius and delve into his artistic and personal evolution. Discover in detail the biography of Pablo Picasso, his most important works of art and also the lesser known ones, present in collections such as the Picasso Museum in Barcelona.

These Pablo Picasso books will give you a complete view of one of the most important figures in the history of art. In Dosde we have created a series of titles that compile the unequaled legacy left behind by the painter.

Published in different formats, they analyse in detail the works and the biography of Pablo Picasso, from the most emblematic paintings to his unknown artistic experiments and his incursions into other fields of art. You will get to know an artist who enjoyed a fascinating, successful life, both personally and professionally. For this reason Picasso is still considered one of the most influential artists in history.

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