His life's work


  • The book contains over 170 pictures of the works and life of Pablo Picasso
  • It chronologically analyses the different creative periods of the genius
  • Perfect for discovering all the works of Picasso from his youth to his maturity

About the book

Pablo Picasso was undoubtedly one of the most versatile creators of the 20th century. Throughout his career he demonstrated a creative capacity that surpassed the limits of his time and which positioned him at the front of the avant-gardes.

After participating in the Barcelonan bohemian scene in his student days, he travelled to Paris, a city that would leave an indelible mark on his personal life and where he could explore other artistic techniques beyond painting. Picasso constantly experimented with new artistic forms that converted him into a celebrity for his contributions to movements such as Cubism.

This book offers a detailed view of Picasso's works, analyzing each of his creative stages, from his early years as an artist to the different pictorial styles that we can witness in his paintings. The reader will be able to find out the details and the history of the most important pictures of Picasso, such as Les Desmoiselles d'Avignon, The Race, Harlequin, Portrait of Dora Maar and other numerous works that are part of his unique legacy.

Book Details

What differentiates this book from others? This book on the works of Pablo Picasso has been certified by the Picasso Administration through Vegap, which verifies it as a book of rigorous quality on the artist. The book explores in detail the works that Picasso carried out throughout his life, explaining each of his creative periods and showing the most important works from each of them, from his youth to his maturity as an artist.

Who is it aimed at? The book Picasso - His Life's Work is aimed at those who love the work of Picasso, as well as those people who want to get to know in depth the artistic legacy left behind in his different creative stages. It is also a book that will interest art professionals who want to know more about the works of Picasso and understand the events and trends that influenced his paintings.

What will I find in the book? Unlike other published books, Picasso – His Life's Work analyses in maximum detail Picasso's work, going through each of the creative stages of the genius throughout his life. The contents of the book, arranged chronologically, contain a great amount of information and photographs of excellent quality of the artist's works.

How is this book? This book on Picasso has been produced with a flexible cover format with flaps. It is a light and manageable book, ideal as a reference book or to take anywhere and enjoy. It has been carried out with ISO colour certifications which guarantee that the printed colour is practically equal to the original work. High quality papers, inks and varnishes have been used for this purpose. The book is printed on PEFC certified paper, which certifies its respect for the environment and sustainable forest management.

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