Joan Miró

His life's work

Joan Miró

  • A graphical testimony with more than 90 pictures of Joan Miró's most important works
  • It includes historical pictures of the artist during his life
  • It contains fascinating information and detailed texts about Miro's life and work

About the book

This book compiles the most important works of Joan Miró, while at the same time carrying out a complete chronological tour of the life and the stylistic periods of the painter, who is considered one of the greatest exponents of contemporary art.

Combining artistic analysis with biographical facts, the book published by Dosde provides a complete portrait of Miró, an inescapable reference of the avant-garde who surpassed all the limitations of traditional painting to develop his own personal style. The book is illustrated with more than 90 pictures, amongst which include the most well known Miró paintings to historical paintings related to the artist.

This book on Joan Miró has been validated by the Successió Miró, the institution responsible for managing the artist's patrimony. Thus, the thoroughness of its contents is guaranteed, allowing us to get closer to the meaning and influences of the unmistakable artistic style of this constantly evolving artist, who throughout his career was linked to trends such as Surrealism and Expressionism.


  • Salustiano (Barcelona)

    Salustiano (Barcelona)

    Excellent book

    It is a book with many historical data and high quality photos. Miró is one of my favorite artists and I think that the book reflects all his career through his paintings. Thank you

  • Lucía (Manresa)

    Lucía (Manresa)

    A very complete book

    Miró is, for me, a reference of contemporary art and there are not many books that reflect his career in this way, showing the evolution in his works. I liked it a lot, it's complete and well documented.

Book Details

How is this book different to others?
This book on Joan Miró has been validated by the institution, Successió Miró, responsible for managing the artist's heritage. The lengthy documentation work carried out to create this book provides detailed information about the artist's life and closely analyses his artistic legacy, by means of the inclusion of his most relevant works.

Who is the book for?
The book Miró, His Life's Work is for people who love art and, of course, those interested in the life and work of Joan Miró. This work has been carried out to provide a thorough and exacting picture, but at the same time didactic and closeup, for those readers that would like to have a beautifully and educational work verified by the the Institution Successió Miró.

What's inside the book?
This book has been made with ISO colour certifications, which guarantee that the printed colour is practically the same as the original work, with high quality paper, ink and varnishes having been used. It is a practical and handy size book, and has also been manufactured using PEFC certified paper, which guarantees respect for the environment.

What's this book like?
This book has been published in a handy paperback size, in order that the reader can take it on their visits and enjoy reading it where they wish. The paper used to manufacture the book has been accredited with the PEFC certification, which guarantees sustainable forest management and respect for the environment.

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