What you'll find in these books

Also known as “cine de dedo” or “folioscopes”, flipbooks allow you to create small animated stories by means of an ingenious optical effect. These publications are comprised of a series of images that present small variations from one page to another, so that when their pages are flicked, a sensation of movement is generated.


Rather like a mini-movie, flipbooks invite the reader to become involved in entertaining and fantastical stories. Their animated images never fail to surprise. All types of places, objects and characters magically come to life by simply flicking quickly  through the pages of the flipbook.


Enthusastic about the power of suggestion of the moving images, many people decide to buy flipbooks as gifts. Likewise, these small-sized animated flipbooks have established themselves as an excellent keepsake or souvenir to recall the most special places and experiences.


The flipbooks of Dosde Publishing will bring you closer in a very original and entertaining way to a large variety of themes. By flicking through their pages, you will discover fun mini-stories that you will be able to repeat as often as you wish. Let yourself be captivated by the flipbook world!