Iberian Ham

A culinary art

Iberian Ham

  • Iberian ham lovers will be delighted with this small book, whose pages provide a mini-motion picture of the world of jamón
  • It includes an explanatory introduction on one of the most valued gastronomic pleasures of Spanish gastronomy
  • An original insight into the world of jamón, which will surprise the fans of this important element of Mediterranean culture

About the book

This small book unveils in an original way the world of Iberian ham, one of the most prized gastronomic products of Spain. By means of an optical effect that is generated by quickly flicking through the pages, the pictures start to come to life and move just like a film at the cinema.

This Flipbook allows us to get closer to, from a different perspective, a delicacy with more than a 2000 year-old history. Be surprised by this animated story dedicated to one of Iberian gastronomy's signs of identity.

Book Details

What is a flipbook?
Also known as Cine de Dedo or folioscopes, the flipbook is a small book that is based on the optical principle of cinema to create the illusion of continuous movement. Things  "move" thanks to a series of images with slight variations between them.  When the flipbook's pages are rapidly turned, then a clever film-like effect is created.


Who is it for?
You, the flipbook reader make the book come to life by flicking rapidly through its pages.

Additional Information

  • Additional Information
  • Weight (g): 60
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Size (cm): 5 x 10
  • Author: Dosde Publishing
  • Pages: 144
  • Edition: Flipbook Edition
  • language
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Spanish + English
  • isbn
  • 978-84-96245-07-5
  • 978-84-96245-07-5
  • 978-84-96245-07-5
  • sku
  • 10-020-00
  • 10-020-01
  • 10-020-02