A monumental city


  • With more than 280 photographs this book provides a complete tour of the city,
  • The perfect book to discover the essential places of Seville and the most visited tourist sites
  • It includes detailed information about the most important zones and monuments of Seville

About the book

This book on Seville is a detailed photographic tour of the most important monuments in the city. Its pages cover the most important sites, the most embematic monuments and the city's abundant art and architectural heritage.
The book published by Dosde includes more than 230 photos of Seville that capture the many nooks and crannies of a majestic city that attracts thousands of visitors every year. Each chapter shows off the most representative zones of the Andalusian capital, including the neighbourhoods in the Old Quarter, such as Santa Cruz and the Arenal, as well as La Macarena district, Plaza de España and Triana, amongst other places, providing a global view of the city. Likewise, the book explores the history of the city's main monuments, such as the Royal Alcazar of Seville and the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See, and its numerous palaces, amongst which include Casa de Pilatos, Palacio de las Dueñas or Casa de Salinas.
Apart from numerous pictures of Seville, the book includes explanatory texts about the city's past and present, packed with information and fascinating facts. A book that is an absolute must to discover Seville from a privileged angle, complemented by other titles included in the book collection on Spanish cities already published by Dosde such as our photobook on Bilbao and our photobook on Madrid.

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