Casa Batlló

The most original creation of architect Antoni Gaudi

Casa Batlló

  • Its pages gather more than 200 photographs that show all the nooks and crannies of this imaginative building created by Gaudí
  • It offers precise information about the different parts and elements that make up the Casa Batlló, architecturally and artistically
  • By means of exclusive 3D illustrations the book shows Casa Batlló inside and out, its structure and its unique rooms in great detail

About the book

Devised as an abundant display of enthusiasm, Casa Batlló is one of the most original artistic creations of Antoni Gaudí, who converted a simple refurbishment project into a universal work of art packed with fantasy and movement.

Located on Barcelona's Passeig de Gràcia, this apartment building –declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2005– was commissed by the powerful textile entrepreneur Josep Batlló, who contracted Gaudí in 1904 to design a house that would earn the admiration of the bourgeoisie of the time. In full creative maturity, the architect demonstrated his ingenuity and capacity for innovation, introducing revolutionary construction solutions and a great variety of allegorical details inspired by nature that provide Casa Batlló with its thought-provoking and avant-garde appearance.

This book published by Dosde covers in depth all the aspects related to the Casa Batlló, situating the book in the historical context in which it was devised, exploring its rich symbolic significance and analysing each one of the architectonic peculiarities of one of the most visited.


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    I liked it

    A very good book on the Casa Batlló. I bought it whilst I visited the house and I loved it.

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    Denise Billups-Walker (USA)

    Top Quality

    I feel your books are already very high quality. I do not have any suggestions for improvement.

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    Your books are eye candy for book lovers. Congratulations!

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    Very good books, high quality photos and detailed information. It was worth purchasing.

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    Perfect book, Can you improve on perfection?

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    The content is excellent, and also the photos and infographics.

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    Great book

    It is a great book and affordably priced.

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    Nice book

    Fully recommended, i was very happy with the book.

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    Very complete book

    I have only read one book and it was very good. I think i'll buy more.

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    Excellent book and pictures. Highly recommend!

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    Your books are very good, and this book of Casa Batllo was excellent too.

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    A quite perfect book, thank you!

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    Catherine Delattre (Belgium)

    Great book!

    There is nothing lacking in these books. I really liked them. If I had to say something I'd say that the photos of some of the details of the buildings are a little bit small.

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    Zeynep Dolay (Turkey)

    High quality book

    The content seemed to be of a high quality and the subject was discussed in detail

Book Details

How is this book different to others?
This book on Casa Batllo stands out for the quality of its numerous photographs, whose generous size means that every detail can be appreciated. Moreover, it includes an indepth analysis of every nook and cranny the Casa Batllo, which makes it one of the most complete books published to date on this emblematic work of Antoni Gaudí, which has converted into an icon of Barcelonan architecture.

Who is the book for?
This book on Casa Batllo is aimed at art and architecture lovers, as well as fans of Antoni Gaudí's work. It is also ideal for photography enthusiasts due to the high quality of the pictures included in the book.

What's inside this book?
The book “Casa Batllo” has been published in the Deluxe Edition, a format that allows full enjoyment of high quality photographs, enabling a total appreciation of every single detail. The reader will find a great volume of information, such as 3D illustrations carried out exclusively for this book.

What's the book like?
This book on Casa Batllo has been published in a deluxe, large-sized format in order that the reader can fully appreciate the quality of its numerous photographs. It is a great reference book on this masterpiece of Gaudí and essential in any library. It is produced using PEFC accredited paper, which guarantees sustainable forest management and respect for the environment.

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