The complete work of Antoni Gaudí

The most innovative and revolutionary architect of all time

The complete work of Antoni Gaudí

  • The most complete book on Gaudí's architectonic and artistic work
  • With more than 180 photographs, this book closely explores all the works carried out by the architect throughout his life
  • The deluxe format of this edition means Antoni Gaudi's works can be seen at their best thanks to excellent photographs, drawings and 3D illustrations

About the book

This book dedicated to Antoni Gaudí works is a comprehensive look at the artist's legacy, analysing in depth the origins, the structure and the significance of his most emblematic projects and delving into the iconography characteristic of an artist that always stood out for his ability to combine functionalism and symbolism.

This book published by Dosde constitutes one of the most complete compilations of Antoni Gaudí works during his career as an architect, from the very first Antoni Gaudí buildings in Barcelona to the works that established him as an architect and that put him at the forefront of his time.This book forms part of the Architectural Series and has been published within the genre of a Deluxe Edition, which means that it is an edition that has a wealth of information and photographs, which provide a better appreciation of Antoni Gaudí works.

Structured around architectonic styles, the book outlines the main projects of each trend, its elements and details, as well as the materials and structures devised by Gaudí. This way, the book allows a close look at the works of this exceptional architect from a brand new perspective.


  • Carolina Benzi

    Carolina Benzi

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    Very good photos, good book.

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    High quality and very complete books.

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    The content seems to be of a high quality and it deals with the subject in depth.

  • Florencia Addiechi (Argentina)

    Florencia Addiechi (Argentina)


    Excellent photos and a lot of information about Gaudí's works.

  • Carlos David Tellez (México)

    Carlos David Tellez (México)

    Excellent book

    A very complete book, with great photographs and content. It's an excellent complement to remember the trip.

  • Bernard Trosselly (France)

    Bernard Trosselly (France)

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    Recommendable. A very good book, with photographs and high quality illustrations.

  • Frédérique Ribolini (France)

    Frédérique Ribolini (France)


    A great book! His story and works with excellent pictures

  • Sergio Paganini (Italy)

    Sergio Paganini (Italy)

    Well documented book

    The book gives each theme in-depth treatment and goes into great detail about Gaudí's work. I regard it as a quality work, carefully produced and complete.

  • Piergiacomo Polignano (Italy)

    Piergiacomo Polignano (Italy)

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    Damien Didot (France)

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    Gisel Percincula (Uruguay)

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  • Carolina Benzi (Argentina)

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    Ana Reventós (Spain)


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  • Agustina López (Mexico)

    Agustina López (Mexico)


    I'm amazed at how complete the book is

Book Details

How is this book different to others?

The book The Complete work of Antoni Gaudí stands out for the quality and quantity of its photographs, illustrations, drawings and 3D compositions that show the reader the complex and innovative conceptions devised by Gaudí, and allow a greater and more indepth understanding of the architect's masterpieces.

Who is the book for?

The book The Complete Work of Antoni Gaudí is aimed at those who want to gain a better understanding of the work carried out by the architect. Because of its abundance of facts and precise information, it is aimed at experts or just art and architecture lovers.

What's inside the book?

This book forms part of the Architectural Series and has been published within the genre of a Visual Edition, which means that it is an edition that has a wealth of information and more than 700 images including photographs, illustrations and 3D infographics.

What's the book like?

This book about Gaudí has been published in a deluxe, large-sized format in order that the reader can fully appreciate the quality of its numerous photographs. It is produced using PEFC accredited paper, which guarantees sustainable forest management and respect for the environment.

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