Solve all your doubts

In this section you can find answers to the most frequent doubts. Why don't you consult it and if you can't find the answer you need then please write to us so we can help you.

What types of editions do you have and how do they differ?

At present we have four different types of formats:

Visual Edition: books with lots of photographs, illustrations, graphics and computer graphics that offer a very detailed view of the book's theme.

Deluxe Edition: large format books in a carefully designed, luxurious edition for the most demanding of readers. They combine the most rigorous information with large, excellent quality photographs.

Photo Edition: these books prioritize pictures, although they also boast a rich content, with complete photographic reports of their own, to offer a unique and privileged portrait of places of great architectural and artistic wealth.

Pocket Edition: Pocket books, handy, practical and very affordable. This edition accessible to all readers takes the essence of each theme and presents it in an attractive way.

What are flipbooks?

Flipbooks are small books that recreate movement by quickly flicking through their pages. They are based on the optical principle of cinema: things "move" thanks to a series of pictures with small variations in each one of them. Thus, when we flick pages quickly we can see a kind of film, but in paper format.

Our flipbooks show icons of art and architecture in movement, to make you feel that you are there.

I want to customize a gift book what should I do?

At Dosde Publishing we can personalize any of our books so you can offer it at an event or give it as a present. We can create an interior page to your liking, totally personalized, with your company logo, a commemorative text, etc. For this you simply contact us and we'll get it going. In addition you can also request gift wrapping, so that your book is even more personalized.

I want a book that is not on the web. How can I get it?

On the web are available all the books that we have. If there is no longer stock then it is either because it is discontinued or because it is temporarily unavailable. If you want to make any query send us a message via the contact form.

I would like you to make a special book for my institution

We can evaluate the creation of books made specifically for museums, institutions or other needs. Get in touch with us via the contact form and tell us about your idea.

What VAT is applied to the products of Dosde Publishing?

The books are subject to a reduced VAT of 4%, applicable to the countries of the European Community. Countries outside the European Community are exempt from VAT.

On the other hand, to the rest of products that are not books a VAT of 21% will be applied.

Is your paper environmentally friendly?

Yes, we are a publisher that is very committed to the environment and therefore the paper used to manufacture our books has the PEFC stamp of approval, a certificate that certifies sustainable forest management and environmental care.

What is the PEFC certificate?

The PEFC certificate is a seal that guarantees that papermaking is carried out taking care of the environment, through sustainable forest management. This seal shows our involvement in the improvement of the biodiversity of the areas from which each book's paper originates from. This way we contribute to protecting the ecosystem and also promote the development of small local producers instead of large corporations.

User account
I forgot my password. How can I recover it?

Don't worry, it is very easy to recover your password. Simply go to the person icon that you will find in the upper right corner, then click on "log in" and enter your email, and you will find the "have you forgotten your password?" option. We will ask you again for your email address to send you a password recovery email.

I´m a shop
I am a shop and I want to register as a "shop" on your website. What should I do?

If you want to benefit from all the advantages of signing up as a shop, simply go to section “Are you a shop?” and complete the application form that you will find at the foot of the page. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

What are the advantages for shops registered in your web?

The shops that register in our web can access exclusive material, and in addition, can have access to special discounts. Likewise, in your user panel you will be able to access material specially created for your business and useful information to offer to your customers.

What types of shops can register with the web?

Any shop that sells books or tourist souvenirs in their establishments, as well as establishments interested in starting to sell them such as bookstores, souvenir shops, gift shops, museum shops and visitable monuments, etc can register on our webpage. Apply here for more information to register as a shop.

Do I need to register on the web to buy a product?

Yes, to place an order you need to register on the web. You can start your purchase without being registered, but at the time of finishing your order you will be required to register in the system. This is necessary so that you can make the payment of your order, as well as to register the delivery address to which you want us to send it to.

Can I make a purchase from anywhere in the world?

Of course! You can make a purchase from anywhere in the world, as we send our books almost anywhere on the planet. Check here for the conditions of shipment to know the cost and the term of delivery of the orders.

We are a company and we want to order large quantities, can I do it from the web?

You can place your order on the web but you will not get all the discounts we can offer you. Contact us, through this form, to comment on the topic and we will get back to you straight away.

I want to place an order for a personalized book. How do I do it? Is there a minimum?

There are no minimums for personalized books, but you should keep in mind that the unit price will be less, the more copies requested. To request the personalization of a book contact us through the form that you will find in this page. In addition you can also request gift wrapping, so that your book is even more personalized.

In which case is my order exempt from VAT?

In the case of the final consumer, all orders from countries outside the European Union are exempt from VAT, while orders from European Union countries are subject to VAT.

In the case of orders made by professional clients, all companies that, being residents of the European Union, are registered with the treasury of their countries as eligible for intra-Community transactions would be exempt from VAT. In the case of companies outside the European Union they will be exempt from VAT if they provide their tax identification number (CIF, VAT Number or TVA).

Should I add my NIF / CIF (VAT or TVA for abroad) when making a purchase?

In case of requiring an invoice it is completely necessary, otherwise it is not possible to issue the corresponding invoice.

I want an invoice for my order, where can I get it?

If you want us to issue an invoice for your order you must request it at the time of purchase, before finalising the purchase. In the confirmation of order screen you will see the fields "Shipment data" and "Billing data", so that you can put the necessary data in each case.You will receive by email the invoice of your order along with the confirmation of purchase of the same and you can even download it from your user account in the section "my orders".

I need the invoice for an order but forgot to request it at the time of purchase

If you want to request the invoice of a purchase already made simply contact us through the contact form, indicating the date of purchase of your order and the email with which you made it. We will send you the invoice as soon as possible.

What methods of payment can be used?

You can pay for your order through two methods: credit or debit card and PayPal. If you have any problems with the payment system, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you.

I had a problem during the payment of my order, what should I do?

Incidents in the payment system can have different reasons, the most frequent is that the user himself is mistaken when entering the digits of his credit / debit card.

It can also happen that your card has restrictions. If this is not your reason we advise you to contact your bank.In any case, do not hesitate to contact us if you need help, we will get back to you quickly.

I have a discount code. Where do I enter it?

If you have a discount code, you must enter it in the drop-down cart before confirming your order, as you will see in the image below. Once you click on the "apply" button you will be able to directly see the discount on the total amount of your purchase before making the payment.

Shipping and delivery times
Do you ship to anywhere in the world

Yes, we ship almost anywhere in the world, however far away you are. Check here for the conditions of shipment to know the cost and the term of delivery of the orders.

What are the shipping rates and delivery times?

Shipping rates vary according to the country and carrier of your choice. You can check here all the prices according to the shipping zones.

My order is very urgent . Can I speed up its shipment?

All available services are specified on the Shipping and Fees page. If it is not on that page it means that we can not offer it through the web page. In such cases we recommend that you contact us to see how we can help you.

Where can I change the shipping address?

Once you have confirmed your order it is not possible to change the delivery address of the same. If you have not yet completed the order you can change the address on the left side of the purchase completion screen, or enter a new address.

On the other hand, from the tab "Addresses" of your user account you can enter the addresses you want, so that they are available at the time of placing an order.

I've made a mistake with the shipping address

SIf the order has been managed and shipped we can not do anything to cancel the shipment until it reaches its destination. Once in destination, if the order has not been delivered and it is returned to us, we will notify you to provide us with the correct address. In this case we will have to charge you again for the shipping costs.

Can I associate different shipping addresses with my account?

Yes, from the "Addresses" tab of your user panel you can register all the shipping addresses and billing addresses you need. Thus, at the time of finishing an order you can choose the shipping and billing address from a convenient drop-down menu, to avoid having to write all the data.

Problems with the order
I've made a mistake in the ordering process, how can I fix it?

If you've made a mistake when ordering a product or in the shipment data you must contact us as soon as possible, so that we can correct it before your order is sent. Contact us from here as soon as possible.

I have changed my mind, can I return what I ordered?

Yes, you have a period of 14 calendar days to exercise your right of withdrawal. In this case, the transportation costs derived from the return will be borne by you, as a customer. See our "Terms and Conditions" for more information.

My order has arrived damaged, how can I return it?

As specified in our "Conditions of Contract" we accept returns in two cases: if there have been damages due to transportation, or if it is a manufacturing defect. In both cases you must notify us within 2 days after delivery.

To proceed with the return the product must be in good condition and, as far as possible, with the original packaging and labeling.

In products where there has been a defect due to transport, the customer must send us a photograph of the damaged product so that we can verify it and, if necessary, proceed to solve the problem.

I received the wrong product, what can I do?

If the mistake is our error, contact us so we can solve it. We will send you the right product at no cost to you.

In case it was your error and not ours we will be able to exchange the product and send you the correct one, but the transport costs must be assumed by yourself the customer.