Monasterio de piedra

800 years of art, architecture and nature

Monasterio de piedra

  • This is the only visual guide that exists on the Monasterio de Piedra de Zaragoza
  • The book portrays the evolution of the Monastery from its origins as a community of monks
  • It includes more than 300 images, 3D infographics and exclusive illustrations

About the book

Founded in the 12th century by the Cistercian Order, the Monasterio de Piedra is today an important tourist destination in the community of Aragon. It is located in a natural park of great scenic beauty with the presence of numerous waterfalls from the Río Piedra.

The Monasterio de Piedra has been the object of many extensions and renovations, and has become a monumental complex that combines different styles such as the Gothic, Baroque, Mudejar and Renaissance.

This book about the Monasterio de Piedra, published by Dosde, brings us closer to the history, architecture and surroundings of the building. It is the first visual guide published on this incredible monument located in the community of Aragon and which is declared a cultural asset.

Book Details

What differentiates this book from others? It is the only visual guide that exists on the Monasterio de Piedra, published with numerous photographs, 3D computer graphics and a large volume of information that allows the reader to find out all the details about this fascinating monument in Nuévalos, Zaragoza.

Who is it aimed at? The book Monasterio de Piedra is aimed at architecture enthusiasts who want to discover the history, architectural features and environment in which this religious monument is located.

What will I find in the book? Unlike former books published, this book is the only visual guide that exists on the Monasterio de Piedra. It proposes a historical-artistic journey that portrays all the details of its evolution through numerous photographs, illustrations and 3D infographics that recreate its structure.

How is this book? This book on the Monasterio de Piedra has been published with a flexible cover format with flaps. It is a manageable book whose reading can be enjoyed anywhere and thanks to its large volume of information it is perfect as a reference book. The paper with which the book is made is PEFC certified, which certifies sustainable forest management and respect for the environment.

Additional Information

  • Additional Information
  • Weight (g): 324
  • Binding: Paperback with flaps
  • Size (cm): 17,5 x 19,5
  • Author: Dosde Publishing
  • Pages: 0
  • Edition: Visual Edition
  • language
  • Spanish
  • isbn
  • 978-84-9103-106-2
  • sku
  • 20-020-00