Monument to Columbus flipbook

A symbol of Barcelona

Monument to Columbus flipbook

  • Go on a virtual tour around the Columbus Monument with this flipbook that recreates an optical illusion when flicking through its pages
  • An original gift or souvenir to remember the visit to one of the most emblematic monuments of Barcelona
  • The book includes an introduction to the history and creation of this monument that is found on the city's seafront

About the book

By means of an original optical effect, this flipbook brings you closer in an entertaining way to Christopher Columbus' monument, a universal symbol of the city of Barcelona. When flicking rapidly through the pages of the book, you will be able to see how the pictures start to move.

This Flipbook offers an original angle on the Christopher Columbus monument, constructed for the Universal Exposition of 1888 to honour America's discoverer. The book converts one of Barcelona's most iconic works into the protagonist of an original and surprising film.

Book Details

What is a flipbook?
Also known as Cine de Dedo or folioscopes, the flipbook is a small book that is based on the optical principle of cinema to create the illusion of continuous movement. Things "move" thanks to a series of images with slight variations between them. When the flipbook's pages are rapidly turned, then a clever film-like effect is created.

Who is it for?
You, the flipbook reader make the book come to life by flicking rapidly through its pages.

Additional Information

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  • Weight (g): 60
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Size (cm): 5 x 10
  • Author: Dosde Publishing
  • Pages: 0
  • Edition: Flipbook Edition
  • language
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Spanish + English
  • isbn
  • 978-84-607-5354-4
  • 978-84-607-5354-4
  • 978-84-607-5354-4
  • sku
  • 10-005-00
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