A monumental city


  • A luxury book to discover the architectural richness and the most emblematic corners of Madrid through excellent photographs
  • It includes more than 500 photographs, illustrations and 3D recreations that have been made exclusively for this book
  • It contains a great amount of information, fascinating facts and historical data to get to know the city and its culture in complete detail

About the book

Madrid is considered as one of the main European capitals and its great history is reflected in the architecture, culture and manifestations of art that can be found on every corner. As the headquarters of the most important political, economic and cultural institutions of Spain, the city has constantly changed throughout history.

Since its origins as a Muslim fortification Madrid converted first into the headquarters of the Court, and later it was consolidated as the neurological centre of a powerful empire. Nowadays it is a modern and cosmopolitan city with a great confluence of cultures. It mixes tradition and innovation, under a powerful cultural and artistic legacy.

Book Details

What differentiates this book from the competition? In contrast to other books on Madrid, this book is not a travel guide, but a detailed tour of the most emblematic architecture, art and icons of the city. Its large volume of photographs, illustrations and 3D graphics make it one of the most complete books published on the city of Madrid.

Who is it aimed at? This book about Madrid is aimed at people interested in art and architecture, who want to find out more about the artistic and architectural wealth of the city of Madrid through its most emblematic corners.

What will I find in the book;This book about Madrid shows us the city in detail, with excellent photographs of its most emblematic places and a great amount of information that explains its history, its artistic icons and the essential sites that have to be visited.

What is this book like? This book has been published in a large-size format, so that the reader can enjoy the best photographs of the city of Madrid. It is an excellent informative work that will convert into a reference book on the Spanish capital, essential in any library.

Additional Information

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