Güell Palace

An avant-garde residence for modern-day life

Güell Palace

  • A book with more than 250 photographs and illustrations that make up a detailed account of every nook and cranny in Palau Güell
  • By means of 3D creations carried out exclusively for this book, the reader will be able to discover the greatness of this monumental work
  • It includes a large volume of information, data and curiosities about this unique and avant-garde residence devised by Antoni Gaudí

About the book

Declared a World Heritage site in 1984, Güell Palace or Palau Güell is one of the great masterpieces designed by Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona. This avant-garde residence devised for aristocratic use brings together luxury and functionalism, with its restrained appearance that contrasts with its location, in one of the most run-down neighbourhoods of late 19th century Barcelona.

Palau Güell was Gaudí's first major collaboration with Eusebi Güell, a man of great prestige amongst the upper-class and the working class, who ended up converting into the architect's main sponsor. Taking full advantage of the total free rein he was given, Gaudí carried out a daring and imaginative proposal, framed in modernist architecture, which allowed him to make the most of the space he had at his disposal.

This book on Palau Güell, published by Dosde contains detailed analysis about this unique work, in which Gaudí knew how to combine the most innovative resources with the rational use of architectonic and decorative elements of modernist art. The book covers the origins and the historical context of the project, while at the same time delving into each one of the nooks and crannies that make up Palau Güell.


  • Witz Marie (France)

    Witz Marie (France)

    Very detailed, good book

    An excellent book on Güell Palace with a high quality and detailed content.

  • Mark Aretz (Belgium)

    Mark Aretz (Belgium)

    Very good book

    Good photos and illustrations. A highly recommended book about Guell Palace.

  • Germán Gómez (Spain)

    Germán Gómez (Spain)

    Very complete

    One of the most complete books on Güell Palace, the content is very complete and the photos are very good.

Book Details

How is this book different to others?
The book “Güell Palace of Antoni Gaudí” contains an abundant number of photographs and 3D illustrations that bring the reader closer to the work, in a didactic, entertaining and very visual way.

Who is this book for?
This work on Palau Güell is essential for those who want to get to know Antoni Gaudí's work, one of the most important buildings in Barcelona designed by the architect.

What's inside the book?
A beautifully produced book that includes numerous facts, pieces of information, drawings and 3D illustrations, which make it one of the most complete books that have been published to date on Antoni Gaudí's Palau Güell.

What's the book like?
This book is handy and practical, great to take on any trip. Because of its plentiful information it can be continually consulted. It is made with PEFC accredited paper, which guarantees sustainable forest management and respect for the environment.

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