The Basílica of the Sagrada Familia

Antoni Gaudí’s most important creation

The Basílica of the Sagrada Familia

  • A book with stunning photographs to visually tour every nook and cranny of Gaudí's Sagrada Familia
  • More than 180 photographs to discover this magnificent temple, from its structure down to the smallest of details of its interior
  • It includes numerous pieces of information and explanations, as well as an analysis of the architectonic and artist techniques devised by Gaudí

About the book

Today converted into one of the masterpieces of universal architecture, the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia is the main testimony of the creative genius of Antoni Gaudí.

Gaudí took over the management of the building work on Sagrada Familia in 1883, when he was in the early days of his professional career. Faithful to his personal style, from the very first moment he introduced unique technical and aesthetic contributions. Due to the great complexity of the project, he devoted himself to the construction of the Sagrada Familia until 1926, the year he was knocked down by a tram. Due to the duration of time that he worked on it, the temple is the true reflection of the architect's artistic evolution.

This photographic book on Sagrada Familia unveils in a visual way this landmark of religious architecture. By means of the pictures of the Sagrada Familia included in the book, the reader can see in greater detail the different areas of the temple, such as the façades, the interior and the towers. Likewise, the book published by Dosde, delves into the lesser known aspects of the history of Gaudi's Sagrada Familia, an exceptional monument that holds a complex symbolism.


  • Mecozzimo (Italy)

    Mecozzimo (Italy)

    Good book

    High quality photos of all the corners of the Sagrada Familia. A good book about Gaudí's project.

  • F. Bergamaschi (Italy)

    F. Bergamaschi (Italy)


    I really liked how he presents the information. Good pictures

  • Jose Sister

    Jose Sister

    Nice book

    Excellent photos. I liked the book

  • Alberto Ferrer (Spain)

    Alberto Ferrer (Spain)

    Nice book

    Good photos and quite detailed information.

  • Anders Raad (Sweden)

    Anders Raad (Sweden)


    No need for improvement as long as they keep maintaining the same quality. Your books are excellent!

  • Anonymous


    Good book

    I liked the extra information on the internet that was offered in the book La Sagrada Familia. Your books provide me with the correct memory of my holiday impressions

  • Corina Delgado

    Corina Delgado

    Good purchase

    It totally fulfilled my expectations and was totally worth buying.

  • Jesús Chicote (Spain)

    Jesús Chicote (Spain)

    Great book!

    Great photographs and a lot of information. It's a very good book.

Book Details

How is this book different to others?
Each book stands out for condensing, in a small-sized format, a large quantity of detailed information on Sagrada Familia, in order that the visitor can get to know every part of this great work by Antoni Gaudí in absolute detail.

Who is this book for?
The book is aimed at those who love Gaudí's work and enthusiasts that want to get to know in detail the nooks and crannies of Sagrada Familia. Thanks to its paperback format it is perfect for people that want to visit it or learn more about it after carrying out a visit.

What's inside the book?
This book forms part of the Architectural Series and has been published in Pocket Edition, a very handy and practical format that can be taken on your travels. Thanks to more than 160 photographs the reader can enjoy a detailed analysis of Sagrada Familia.

What's this book like?
This book on Sagrada Familia has been published in a handy paperback size, in order that the reader can take it on their visits and enjoy reading it where they wish. The paper used to manufacture the book has been accredited with the PEFC certification, which guarantees sustainable forest management and respect for the environment.

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